New Spine Posture Corrector Belt
New Spine Posture Corrector Belt
New Spine Posture Corrector Belt
New Spine Posture Corrector Belt
New Spine Posture Corrector Belt

New Spine Posture Corrector Belt

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Get back, shoulders, and neck pain relief while sitting at long hours of work with our New Spine Posture Corrector Belt. Maintaining an incorrect posture for a long period of time not only causes pain in the neck and back but also lead to posture issues, dropping the confidence of a person. But this corrector belt is specially designed to improve seating posture and give relief. In order to achieve the best effect of the posture corrector belt, do not adjust too loose or too tight, please wear a posture corrector for 2 hours every day, and develop good habits within 2 weeks.

The size is adjustable for a perfect custom fit and its cushioned soft feel makes it's comfortable for everyday use. The back braces give compression to the back, shoulder, arm, helpful to recovery from injury. Let your muscles develop a good behavior memory and get rid of the dependence of the back support and maintain a healthy and fit posture.

1. Available in a number of sizes.
2. Customized fitting and sleek design.
3. Soft and comfortable moisture-wicking.
4. Perfect combination of back and waist.
5. Corrects posture by pulling shoulder and back.
6. The belt does not dig into your armpits or hurt your skin.
7. Powerful velcro, porous foam, and thickening adjustment buckle. 
8. Uni-sex belt which is suitable for both men and women, working in any field.
9. Coupled with physical therapy, aids in the treatment of back pain, scoliosis, and another syndrome.
10. Thin and lightweight material makes it breathable and sweat-absorption for wearing it for long hours comfortably.


1. Non-restricting uni-sex design.
2. Durable and comfortable design.
3. Provides relief without compromising your mobility.
4. Supporting design helps in correcting bad body posture.
5. It is very helpful for healing up spine or shoulders injury.
6. Suitable for working, walking, sitting, exercising, and relaxing. 
7. Decrease your shoulder or back pain and improve humpback. 
8. Fully adjustable straps so you can customize your fit and level of support.
9. Pulls the shoulders back and straightens the spine to instantly improve posture.

Item Type: Back Corrector.
Material: Composite Cloth.
Color: Shown as pictures.
Function: Humpback Correction.
Weight: Approx. 67g.

Package Contains: 
1 x Back Corrector.

Estimated delivery time 7 - 30 business days